Aurelio Bertiglia (I)

Aurelio  Bertiglia   was  born  in  Turin  (I),  23  June  1891.  He  was  a  illustrator, commercial artist, caricaturist, graphic designer (musical scores, commercial and publicity graphics), fashion designer and painter.

He  was  mainly  self-taught.  From  the  age  of  fourteen  he  was  very  active  in producing postcards and he also worked for German publishers. Postcards:
several series of children,  several series  of little women  and during  1915 - 1918 several anti-Austrian caricatures.

(Source: Art Nouveau Postcards. Giovanni Fanelli & Ezio Godoli. USA 1987)

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Useless offers.
(made to Italy by the
Centrals & the Allies)

Made in Germany (?)

The whole world
against Germany.

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"Who will win?"

"An unexpected bath"
The inundation of West-Belgium

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"The throne shakes"


"God is no longer
with them"

"The Marathon"

"Official communiqué's"

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