Bernhardt Wall (USA)

Bernhardt Wall, born in 1872, was a Connecticut Yankee. He wintered in La Porte, Texas, his wife's family home, for many years. Bernhardt Wall was mainly an etcher who illustrated many books. In the mid-1930s he produced at least three books of copper-plate engravings during his annual Texas sojourns: Following General Sam Houston, 1793 - 1863 (1935), Following Stephen F. Austin, Father of Texas (1936) and Following Andrew Jackson (1937). During the First World War Bernhardt Wall designed a large number of patriotic / comic postcards, "mocking" Germany. After his wife's death in 1938, Wall went back to Connecticut, where he later remarried. He lived his own last years in Sierra Madre, California and he died in 1956.

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Watch the old

My hat's in
the ring.

I'll bring home
the bacon.

I'll lick any
two huns.

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The Hun ain't
born yet ...

I'll bring
you this.

"Gas" who
it is.

Over the top.

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Me and You

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A periscope.

Wrong breed.

Uncle Sam.

In Berlin

The end.

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I'm training for this.

.... some souvenirs ....

Sticking to the job.

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We'll make him dance.

.... scrap o' paper ....

.... missing all
the excitement ....

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Nuf Sed

Digging a Trench

Four unsigned cards but most likely designed by Bernhardt Wall.

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This Gentleman

The Punch

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