Enrico Sacchetti (I)

Enrico Sacchetti was born in Rome (I) on 28 February 1877. He was an illustrator, fashion designer, caricaturist and commercial artist. He got his diploma at the Istituto Tecnico. He went to the painter  Gelati's studio in Florence for a time, but he was mainly self - taught.
He first started to work as an illustrator and caricaturist on the Milanese journals
Teatro Illustrato and Verde Azzuro. In 1905 he did the illustrations for Le Roi Bombace by F.T. Marinetti. From 1908 to 1911 he lived in Buenos Aires, where he worked as an illustrator for the newspaper El Diario. Later he was in France, where he stayed for three years and was mainly active as a fashion designer. At the outbreak of war he returned to Italy, where he worked as a propaganda artist. He worked on the newspaper La Tradotta. Above all, during the war years, he was active designing postcards.
Enrico Sacchetti died in Florence (I) in 1967.

(Source: Art Nouveau Postcards, Giovanni Fanelli & Ezio Godoli. USA 1987)

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The supreme
war lord.

"Why do you not
teach the child German?
Because he would learn
to lie."

Those who spread

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In Belgium.
"Now, you must try and
make yourselves sympa-
thetic to the population."

The wolf and the lamb.

Hun sportsmen and
the Red Cross dogs.
"At any rate, we shall
have roast for dinner

Series: "The Hun" 1916. No. 431 through 436.  Printed & Published by  Geo. Pulman &  Sons, Ltd., London

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