Executions (various)

Warning: The postcards in this section depict historical scenes of war-related violence, including civilian executions, which are inappropriate for children and which may be upsetting or offensive to some viewers. Discretion is advised !!

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exeserbhang.JPG (26366 bytes)

    Caption front:   "Rakouská kultura: Propravy obyvatel v Srbsku"
                                   ( Austrian Culture: Execution of Serbian citizens )
    Caption back:   "Ve prospech sirotku po vojaku Kudrnovi, propravenem
                                   ( In favour of the orphans of soldier Kudrna, who was
                                    executed by Austrian murderers )
     Publ.:  Prague, "New Life" Library       
(Translation: Mr. Miroslav Pohl - Prague)

exeserbshot.JPG (41746 bytes)

   Caption:     "Vyvrazdovani srbskych vesnic"
                          ( Massacre in Serbian villages )
    Publ.:  Unknown
(Translation: Mr. Miroslav Pohl - Prague)

exeserbhang2.JPG (37615 bytes)

    Most likely the execution of Serbian soldiers and/or civilians by
    Germans and Bulgarians 1917 / 1918.
     Publ.: Unknown

exeserbhang3.jpg (37073 bytes)

   Caption: Austrian atrocities in Serbia
                      The hanging of Serbs in Krusevac
                      ( reproduction of an illustrated card which was found on the
                      German lieutenant Bernard Wewerintch, of the XI Grena-
                      dier regiment, killed in action 5th November 1916)

exeserbhang5.JPG (17812 bytes)

    Caption: Verdiente Strafe eines Verräters
                      ( Deserved punishment for a traitor)

    Vom K.u.K. Kriegsüberwachungsamt genehmigt
    Originalphoto F.J. Marik, Smichow, 1916

exeserbhang4.JPG (40926 bytes)

exeserbhang6.JPG (35825 bytes)

Austrian soldiers in a
Serbian village.
(Printed in Italy)

Austrian soldiers in a
Serbian village.
(Printed in Italy)

exeserbhang7.JPG (41687 bytes)

exefrenchhang1.JPG (32917 bytes)

No caption but most 
likely Austrian atrocities
in Serbia.

6 French soldiers(?) hanging
on a make-shift scaffold. One mans uni-
form can be clearly seen, the others appear
to be in civilian dress and were presumably
hung as spies because of it.

Note: The hangings mentioned on this page are, in some cases, not the "usual" hangings. The victims were suspended and then garotted from behind. A far more painful , lingering and cruel death. This method of execution is one very real reason why these were true atrocities against the Serbs and Croats !!

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