The execution of Cesare Battisti

Warning: The postcards in this section depict historical scenes of war-related violence, including civilian executions, which are inappropriate for children and which may be upsetting or offensive to some viewers. Discretion is advised !!

Cesare Battisti from Trento was one of the most famous "Irridentisti". He was born in the Austrian Empire and was, before the war, a well known activist of a movement which asked for Trento and Trieste leaving the Empire and joining Italy. When the war came, he obtained Italian citizenship and volunteered in the army (Alpini: Alpin Corps). He was taken prisoner by the Austrians in 1916, condemned and executed as a traitor.

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F. Filzi and C. Battisti:  prisoners
Ed. Fot. S. Perdomi - Trento

"Cesare Battisti on the road
to martyrdom"
Trento - Castello del Buon Consiglio
Istituto Micrografico Italiano

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Cesare Battisti  is brought
to his executioners. In the
background Austrian
officials immortalize the
scene with their cameras.

Cesare Battisti listens to
the public reading of the
sentence condemning
him to death.

The last moments of
Cesare Battisti.

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Detail of
the last

Executioner Josef Lang, Trient.
Execution of the spy Battisti.
Austrian officers standing by.

Note: The hanging mentioned on this page is not the "usual" hanging. The victim was suspended and then garotted from behind. A far more painful , lingering and cruel death. This method of execution is one very real reason why these were true atrocities against e.g. the Serbs and Croats !!

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