Frank Brangwyn (GB)

Frank Brangwyn ,  son of a English father (architect) and a Welsh mother, was born in Bruges, Belgium as Guillaume François Brangwyn on 12 May 1867.
When Frank was 10 his family returned to London. He was apprenticed to William Morris for four years and afterwards travelled widely. As well as working for The Graphic and The Idler, Brangwyn illustrated  several books including Collingwood (1891), Tales of our Coast (1896) and A Spiced Yarn (1899).

By the early 20th century Brangwyn had a reputation for large pictures painted in a realistic style. This style shows clearly in the postcards depicted below. He also designed furniture, carpets, tectiles, ceramics, stained glass, metalwork and jewellery. During the First World War Brangwyn was an Official War Artist.  
Frank Brangwyn died in 1956.

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The refugees
leaving Antwerp.

The last boat
from Antwerp.

British troops
occupy Ypres.

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British troops
occupy Dixmude.

British guns at
Neuve Chapelle.

The re-building
of Belgium.

Series 1.  Printed and published by The Avenue Press (L. Upcott Gill & Son,  Ltd.) London, W.C., England.

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