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From the beginning of the war Raemaekers drew nearly 1,000 cartoons. Over 300 of his works were produced in facsimile form and in that state were exhibited in hundreds of cities around the world. Postcard editions ran into the millions. He was a regularly featured cartoonist in over 500 newspapers and thousands of publications reproduced his works at one time or another during the course of the war. In the United States alone his cartoons in one year reached a newspaper circulation  of over 300 million and exhibitions  were staged in over 100 American cities. All of this in a mere 2 year period. To describe Raemaekers as a "sensation" does not do credit to the impact that the man's vision and anger had upon the populations of the Allied Nations.

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"The beauties
of War"
One who doesn't

And one, and two.

A little one from
Maastricht was beaten
by major Tille for having
given signals.

Kaiser: Don't worry
about the people Tino,
all they have to do is 
applaud for us.

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That blond in
Hamburg got 3 years
for killing a guy.
And we got the 
Iron Cross for 
killing fifty!!

Kaiser: We propose
peace. If they accept, we
win; if they refuse they 
have to accept the

Go, my son
for your country!

The trech mines.

The use of time:
Monday: copper
Tuesday: patatoes
Wednesday: leather
Thursday: gold
Friday: rubber
Saturday: youth
Sunday: hatred

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It's you again
and I allready
killed you twice.

Moses leads his 
people to the 
promised (Eng) land.

"God punish

The Warloan.

the cameleon.

The penetrating insight and intensity that guided his depiction of every aspect of the war was to arouse a near universal anger and compassion among the populations of the Allied Nations. After the war, Raemaekers became a more conventional cartoonist and in the 1930's the Amsterdam "Telegraaf" published his cartoon "Flippie Flink" with text by Clinge Doorenbos. The first 1414 numbers of this cartoon were drawn by Raemaekers, and van Goor Publishers made a book of it ca. 1935.
Louis Raemaekers died on July 26th, 1956 in Scheveningen, the Netherlands.

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