The "Lusitania"

The Lusitania was torpedoed on Friday, 7th May 1915, 8 miles from Old Head of Kinsale, 12 miles west of Queenstown. It belonged to the Cunard Co., had a displacement of 45,000 tons, length 790 feet, breadth 88 feet, depth 60 feet. Built by John Brown & Co., on the Clyde, launched 1906,  and made her maiden trip September 1907. Holds the record from Liverpool to New York and from Liverpool to New York and back. Properly called the "Pride of the Atlantic."

About 2 to 2-15 p.m. the periscope of a submarine was observed, and without any warning two torpedoes were fired at the ill-fated liner, with the result one struck the bow and the other burst in the engine room. The explosions were terrific, and it was soon seen that to save the vessel was hopeless. In a few minutes there was a heavy list forward, preventing the launching of some of the lifeboats. In less than half an hour from the explosion the liner settled down and disappeared beneath the waves.

Another great example of British heroism and coolness. No hurry, no panic, but women and children first was the cry; nobly the officers did their duty. All passengers possible to save, were hurried forward while officers and crew stuck to the ship.
Although about 700 were saved, the remainder amounting to about 1,500 were lost.

Immediately after her S.O.S. wireless was received, every tug, boat and trawler were despatched to the scene of the awful catastrophe, arriving about two hours after the disappearance of the liner. They rescued the survivors, amounting to some 650 to 700 souls; many died while being conveyed to the shore from the exposure and shock received.

About twenty minutes after being torpedoed, The Lusitania sank bow first, nearly swamping several of the boats by the suction. A most dastardly crime by a callous foe murdering innocent women, children and men, which should bring upon the whole German nation the execration of the whole civilised world.

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Lusitania & Mauretania
in N.Y. harbour.

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Great Britain 1915

             Great Britain 1915

                    France 1915

                Germany 1915

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Mammy! mammy!
F. Poulbot 1915

Lusitania graves
Ireland 1915

A memorial to
German Savagery!

A tasteless
German joke!

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Along the Irish coast

Sighting the Submarine

The explosion

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To the boats

Rescue ships arrive

The last plunge

(Series of 6 cards, unknown British publisher 1915.)

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