Mocking cards of the Allied Powers
Great Britain (3)

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Published by: J. Salmon, Sevenoaks, England (no. 741) and E. Mack, Hampstead, London (no. 630)

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J. Salmon, Sevenoaks
England. No. 683

E. Mack, Hampstead, London
No. 593

E. Mack, Hampstead
London. No. 589

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E. Mack, Hampstead
London. No. 691

Photochrom Co. London
Red, White & Blue series
No. 9

J. Salmon
Sevenoaks, Kent

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No. 100

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No. 102

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No. 108

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No. 112

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No. 113

Published by: H.B. 53a, Aldersgate Street, E.C. London, England.

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Valentine's series England.

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No. 623

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No. 637

"Ludgate" Series

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