Mocking cards of the Allied Powers
Great Britain (4)

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Wake up!
Scene from the great Patriotic film
by Laurence Cowen.

Kent, the doorway of England.
Voile & Roberson's Library
Faversham, Kent

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"The Invasion of England"
Five cards from a series of ..?.. by an unknown publisher.

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"National Series"

No. 251

No. 294

No. 2457 A

No. 2469 E

No. 2457 F

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Unknown Publisher

No. W 521

No. W 523

No. WB 610

No. W 620

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Philco Series

No. 2557

No. 2565

No. 2564

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Unknown Publisher. Art by: D. Barks

No. 10

No. 12

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Designed and published by C. Gurnsey, Harrow Road, London W.

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