Mocking cards of the Allied Powers
Great Britain (5)

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No. 518
Art by: David Wilson

I've got him!
War Pictures Series IV
No. 32

Series No. 683
Soldier Comics

Series B2
J. Welch & Sons

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Unknown Publ.

Caption of prev.

A.W. Ford & C0.

Unknown Publ.

C.W. Faulkner & Co.
London E.C.

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British Art & Co.
No. 107

At the front series
No. 192

Daily Mail war pictures.
"The biggest shell for
the biggest Hun"

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Majestic Series

Anglo-Eastern Publ. Co.
London S.E.

Corona Publ. Co.

Design & Publ.
Andrew L. Neeson

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A.M. Davis & Co.
Quality cards

The fast London
Printing Co.
By permission of
Reynolds Newspaper

Topical Series
No. 1

Gale & Polden Ltd.
No. 1313

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"These Russian ballets
are fatigueing"
Libraire de l'Entente

Unknown publisher
No. W. 522

Valentine London
Art by:
Fredrick Garnett

Raphael Tuck & Sons
No. 10010
Art by: G. Shepard

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Photochrom & Co.
London. R.W.B. series
No. 18.  Art: G.A.S.

Valentine London

Printing Craft London
War Sports Series

Bamforth & Co.
Art by: D. Tempe

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