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Embroidered postcards from World  War  One are  generally known as  "WW1 Silks".  They were first produced in 1914 through 1918 and declined substantially in  1919  onwards  and are not  found after around 1923.  The  WW1  cards  were generally hand embroidered on strips of silk mesh with as many as 25 on a strip. They were mostly produced by French and Belgian women refugees who worked in  their homes  and refugee camps, and then sent  the finished strips to  factories for cutting and mounting on postcards. Because of their beauty and uniqueness, the WW1  Silks  were  wildly popular with British and American servicemen  on duty  in  France.  This  is  why  the  themes  for  most of  the silks  produced, are patriotic and feature British, French and American flags, symbols and greetings.

Some  of  these  cards had  the  central portion cut  as  a flap so that a tiny printed greeting card could be inserted in a pocket behind the silk front and the stiff back. One such popular card was "To my dear Mother". 
Most cards do not have postage stamps as they were mailed home at no charge to the  sender  in  Military Mail pouches.  These cards  became treasured mementos from  "the boys over there"  and  are excellent examples of  front-line patriotic art quite unique to this specific period in history. It has been estimated that as many as 10 million handmade cards were produced during the wartime period. In 1930 through  1945  a  machine  made  card  was  produced  which  was  simpler  and plainer with less variations. These Silks however never regained the popularity of their WW1 predecessors.

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In Honour Bound

 United we stand

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Union is force

A. & S. H.

British & French

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Christmas Greetings

A happy Easter

Happy Christmas

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To my dear Wife


Happy Birthday

Right is Might (1)

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Right is Might (2)

Good Luck

Don't forget me

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Souvenir de France

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Souvenir from France

1914 - 1918
Souvenir from France

Greeting card:
To my dear Mother

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