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Warloans Germany

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Even the smallest child 
hurries to sign the 

Detail of  ..................
The 6th war-loan on the 
Canadian-Australian front
in Flanders.

"Under my own roof
I live happy and quiet"
6th War-loan 

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For the warloan!

Sign the warloan!

Michel holds out!
Sign the warloan!

Sign the warloan
with all your power.

The best Savings bank:

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I watch and fight
for you.

The last blow
is the 8th

I ring war, I sing war
with open hand
protect the land.
8th warloan

And your duty?
Sign the warloan.

    The above 9 cards are so called "midgets", small cards with a size off about 80 x 120 mm's.

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Help us win!
Sign the warloan

And you?
Sign the warloan

Sign the warloan!
Art by: Willy Stöwer

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Ready for the
final blow.
(8th warloan)

Donate! Help us!
Our pilots risk their lives
for you.

(9th warloan)

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German school-
Everyone subsribes
to the warloans.
Art by: B. Wennerberg

Father said 5,000 and
you sign for 5,100.
Hänschen emptied his
Art by: B. Wennerberg

Yesterday evening I talked with the conductor about the 9th.
He meant Beethoven's,
I meant the warloan.

Art by: B. Wennerberg

Don't be frivolous,
buy warbonds.
Art by: B. Wennerberg

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1st prize
Walter Ditz, München

1st prize
Walter Ditz, München

2nd prize
Egon Engelien, München.

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3rd prize
Theodor Eduard Scharf

3rd prize
Willy Jüttner

Design by:
Kaspar Augustin Geiger

Design contest 1918 of the "Kriegsanleihe-Versicherung des Oesterr. Phönix in Wien" for the 8th German Warloan.  Published by: K.g. Münchener Buchgewerbehaus M. Müller & Sohn München.

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