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Two years of war emptied the Russian state treasury and in 1916 the tsarist government was compelled to issue a  5 %  military loan. The Skobelev Committee of Russia initiated a thirty-titled series of posters to promote the loan. Propaganda drawings should convince the people to donate their savings for the military cause. That was why artists used military subjects for their drawings. Postcards were made with the same pictures as the posters. As well on the front as on the back of these postcards there were numerous patriotic slogans, such as:

- Save money and buy military bonds.
- Everything for victory.
- Everything for the war.
- Help our army and subscribe.
- Forward for the Fatherland.
- Help our great army to defeat the enemy.
- Etc. etc.

(Source: Russian Poster of World War One, Cy. "Art and Culture", Moscow 1992)

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Ivan A. Vladimirov
(1869 - 1947)
Everybody must help
our glorious army.

Unknown Artist.
The  5 %
military Loan.

Ivan A. Vladimirov
(1869 - 1947)
Everything for

Richard G. Zarrin
(1869 - 1939)
Buy the
Military loan.
It's patriotic.

Unknown Artist.
for the war.

Sigismund Ya. Vidberg
(1890 - ?)
Do you help the glorious
army fight the enemy?

Alexei Maximov
(1870 - ?)
Forward for the
(St. George)

Grigory A. Semenov
Hurry to buy the mili-
tary loan which will help
to defeat the enemy.

Unknown Artist.
It's everybody's patriotic
duty to subscribe.

Unknown Artist.
Help our heroes
to destroy the

Vladimir Varzhansky.
Subscription is your
patriotic duty.

Unknown Artist.
Our cities, villages and
churches wait for the

Unknown Artist.
Those who have relatives
in the army, SUBSCRIBE.

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